Hot water systems

We always have a massive call for increased showering performance due to low flow from gravity fed systems so whether you would like us to design and install a fully pumped shower system or a whole house booster pump we can find the right solution for you. 

Mains water pressure really low and don’t think you’ll be able to have a pressurised hot water cylinder?

No problem…. We can install cold water storage tanks that fill with the mains fed water and store in a large volume of upto 500 litres which is then boosted through a large pump which can then feed upto 3/4 bathrooms at high pressure all at once! 

If it’s just an upgrade to your old open vented gravity fed hot water you need then we can also install that to your requirements and link in optional pumps for increased water flow

Low pressure?

No Problem!

Let’s get it fixed


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What system is right for you?

Our team can guide you on the best system for your homes needs and budget